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 *   IRC - Internet Relay Chat, include/s_conf.h
 *   Copyright (C) 1990 Jarkko Oikarinen and
 *                      University of Oulu, Computing Center
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 1, or (at your option)
 *   any later version.
 *   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *   GNU General Public License for more details.
 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *   along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *   Foundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.

#ifndef INCLUDED_s_conf_h
#define INCLUDED_s_conf_h
#ifndef INCLUDED_config_h
#include "config.h"             /* defines */
#ifndef INCLUDED_fileio_h
#include "fileio.h"             /* FBFILE */
#ifndef INCLUDED_netinet_in_h
#include <netinet/in.h>         /* in_addr */
#define INCLUDED_netinet_in_h
#ifndef INCLUDED_ircd_defs_h
#include "ircd_defs.h"
#ifndef INCLUDED_motd_h
#include "motd.h"
#include "client.h"
#include "m_commands.h"

#include <sys/types.h>

struct Client;
struct SLink;
struct DNSReply;
struct hostent;

struct ConfItem
  struct ConfItem* next;     /* list node pointer */
  struct ConfItem* kline_next;
  unsigned int     status;   /* If CONF_ILLEGAL, delete when no clients */
  u_int32_t        flags;
  int              clients;  /* Number of *LOCAL* clients using this */
  struct in_addr   ipnum;    /* ip number of host field */
  unsigned long    ip;       /* only used for I D lines etc. */
  unsigned long    ip_mask;
  char*            name;     /* IRC name, nick, server name, or original u@h */
  char*            host;     /* host part of user@host */
  char*            passwd;
  char*            user;     /* user part of user@host */
  int              port;
  time_t           hold;     /* Hold action until this time (calendar time) */
  struct Class*    c_class;     /* Class of connection */
  int              dns_pending; /* 1 if dns query pending, 0 otherwise */
  user_modes          allowed_umodes;
  user_modes          default_umodes;

typedef struct QlineItem {
  char      *name;
  struct    ConfItem *confList;
  struct    QlineItem *next;

#define CONF_ILLEGAL            0x80000000
#define CONF_MATCH              0x40000000
#define CONF_QUARANTINED_NICK   0x0001
#define CONF_CLIENT             0x0002
#define CONF_CONNECT_SERVER     0x0004
#define CONF_NOCONNECT_SERVER   0x0008
/*#define CONF_LOCOP              0x0010*/
#define CONF_OPERATOR           0x0020
#define CONF_ME                 0x0040
#define CONF_KILL               0x0080
#define CONF_ADMIN              0x0100
 * R_LINES are no more
 * -wnder
 * #ifdef  R_LINES
 * #define CONF_RESTRICT           0x0200
 * #endif
#define CONF_CLASS              0x0400
#define CONF_LEAF               0x0800
#define CONF_LISTEN_PORT        0x1000
#define CONF_HUB                0x2000
#define CONF_ELINE              0x4000
#define CONF_FLINE              0x8000
#define CONF_BLINE              0x10000
#define CONF_DLINE              0x20000
#define CONF_XLINE              0x40000


#define IsIllegal(x)    ((x)->status & CONF_ILLEGAL)

/* aConfItem->flags */

#define CONF_FLAGS_LIMIT_IP         0x00000001
#define CONF_FLAGS_NO_TILDE         0x00000002
#define CONF_FLAGS_NEED_IDENTD      0x00000004
#define CONF_FLAGS_PASS_IDENTD      0x00000008
#define CONF_FLAGS_NOMATCH_IP       0x00000010
#define CONF_FLAGS_E_LINED          0x00000020
#define CONF_FLAGS_B_LINED          0x00000040
#define CONF_FLAGS_F_LINED          0x00000080

#define CONF_FLAGS_DO_IDENTD        0x00000200
#define CONF_FLAGS_ALLOW_AUTO_CONN  0x00000400
#define CONF_FLAGS_ZIP_LINK         0x00000800
#define CONF_FLAGS_SPOOF_IP         0x00001000
#define CONF_FLAGS_AUTO_SPOOF       0x00002000

#define CONF_FLAGS_LITTLE_I_LINE    0x00008000

#define CONF_FLAGS_HONEYPOT         0x00010000

#define CONF_FLAGS_HIDDEN_SERVER    0x80000000

/* Macros for aConfItem */

#define IsLimitIp(x)            ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_LIMIT_IP)
#define IsNoTilde(x)            ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_NO_TILDE)
#define IsNeedIdentd(x)         ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_NEED_IDENTD)
#define IsPassIdentd(x)         ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_PASS_IDENTD)
#define IsNoMatchIp(x)          ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_NOMATCH_IP)
#define IsConfElined(x)         ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_E_LINED)
#define IsConfBlined(x)         ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_B_LINED)
#define IsConfFlined(x)         ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_F_LINED)

#define IsConfDoIdentd(x)       ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_DO_IDENTD)
#define IsConfDoSpoofIp(x)      ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_SPOOF_IP)
#define IsConfDoAutoSpoof(x)    ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_AUTO_SPOOF)
#define IsConfLittleI(x)        ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_LITTLE_I_LINE)
#define IsConfHoneypot(x)         ((x)->flags & CONF_FLAGS_HONEYPOT)

typedef struct
  const char *dpath;          /* DPATH if set from command line */
  const char *configfile;
  const char *klinefile;
  const char *dlinefile;

  MessageFile helpfile;
  MessageFile motd;
  MessageFile opermotd;
} ConfigFileEntryType;

/* aConfItems */
/* conf xline link list root */
extern struct ConfItem *x_conf;
/* conf qline link list root */
extern struct QlineItem *q_conf;

extern struct ConfItem* ConfigItemList;        /* GLOBAL - conf list head */
extern int              specific_virtual_host; /* GLOBAL - used in s_bsd.c */
extern struct ConfItem *kline_list;            /* GLOBAL - XXX HACK, used for cheap STATS K searches */
extern int kline_count;
extern ConfigFileEntryType ConfigFileEntry;    /* GLOBAL - defined in ircd.c */

extern void clear_ip_hash_table(void);
extern void iphash_stats(struct Client *,struct Client *,int,char **,int);
extern void count_ip_hash(int *, size_t *);

#ifdef LIMIT_UH
void remove_one_ip(struct Client *);
void remove_one_ip(unsigned long);

extern struct ConfItem* make_conf(void);
extern void             free_conf(struct ConfItem*);

extern int              read_conf_files(int cold);

extern struct DNSReply* conf_dns_lookup(struct ConfItem* aconf);
extern int              attach_conf(struct Client*, struct ConfItem *);
extern int              attach_confs(struct Client* client, 
                                     const char* name, int statmask);
extern int              attach_cn_lines(struct Client* client, 
                                        const char *name,
                              const char *host);
extern int              attach_Iline(struct Client *client, 
                                     const char* username, char** reason);
extern struct ConfItem* find_me(void);
extern struct ConfItem* find_admin(void);
extern struct ConfItem* find_first_nline(struct SLink* lp);
extern void             det_confs_butmask (struct Client *, int);
extern int              detach_conf (struct Client *, struct ConfItem *);
extern struct ConfItem* det_confs_butone (struct Client *, struct ConfItem *);
extern struct ConfItem* find_conf_entry(struct ConfItem *, unsigned int);
extern struct ConfItem* find_conf_exact(const char* name, const char* user, 
                                        const char* host, int statmask);
extern struct ConfItem* find_conf_name(struct SLink* lp, const char* name, 
                                       int statmask);
extern struct ConfItem* find_conf_host(struct SLink* lp, const char* host, 
                                       int statmask);
extern struct ConfItem* find_conf_ip(struct SLink* lp, char* ip, char* name, 
extern struct ConfItem* find_conf_by_name(const char* name, unsigned int status);
extern struct ConfItem* find_conf_by_host(const char* host, unsigned int status);
extern struct ConfItem* find_conf_by_abbrevname(const char* name, unsigned int status);
extern struct ConfItem* find_kill (struct Client *);
extern int conf_connect_allowed(struct in_addr addr);
extern int rehash_dump(struct Client *);
extern int find_q_line(char*, char*, char *);
extern struct ConfItem* find_special_conf(char *,int );
extern struct ConfItem* is_klined(const char *host,
                                  const char *name,
                          unsigned long ip);
extern struct ConfItem* find_is_klined(const char *host, 
                                       const char *name,
                               const char *nick,
                                       unsigned long ip);
extern char *show_iline_prefix(struct Client *, struct ConfItem *, char *);
extern void get_printable_conf(struct ConfItem *,
                                    char **, char **, char **,
                                    char **, int *);
extern void report_configured_links(struct Client* cptr, int mask);
extern void report_specials(struct Client* sptr, int flags, int numeric);
extern void report_qlines(struct Client* cptr);

typedef enum {
} KlineType;

extern void write_kline_or_dline_to_conf_and_notice_opers(
                                                          struct Client *,
                                                          struct Client *,
                                                          char *,
                                                          char *,
                                                          char *,
                                                          char *
extern const char *get_conf_name(KlineType);
extern int safe_write(struct Client *, const char *, int ,char *);
extern void add_temp_kline(struct ConfItem *);
extern  void    flush_temp_klines(void);
extern  void    report_temp_klines(struct Client *);
extern  void    show_temp_klines(struct Client *, struct ConfItem *);
extern  int     is_address(char *,unsigned long *,unsigned long *); 
extern  int     rehash (struct Client *, struct Client *, int);
extern size_t count_qlines(void);
extern size_t count_conf(struct ConfItem *);
extern size_t count_conf_list(struct ConfItem *);

#endif /* INCLUDED_s_conf_h */

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